BCP Online as a training provider delivers CPD points in accordance with the NSW Fair Trading Home Building Act 1989.

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About BCP Online

It was critical for Builders CPD Points online to create a platform that makes completing CPD courses simple, convenient, and cost-effective in order to gain CPD points without having to take time off work or attend expensive seminars like ones run by The Master Builders NSW.
  • Quick & Easy
  • Simple multiple-choice quiz
  • Start, stop, and complete the course at your own pace
  • 100% online, 24/7 accessible
  • Up-to-date range of courses

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Crucial Considerations in Builders CPD Online NSW

The construction world is constantly evolving, and professionals need to ensure that their skills stay intact to work efficiently. Indeed, ongoing development, seminars, and online training can help individuals to be more active and gain the latest updates. The only key to success is learning and it is rightly said that, the more knowledge you have, the better you can perform. So, if you’re in the building and pool industry, CPD is a great opportunity to meet professional standards and become a recognised expert. Simply put, CPD is a dedication to a lifelong journey.

The requirements for CPD are intended to increase consumer protection outcomes, raise the standard of building and construction, improve safety, and many more. Under NSW law, all licensed builders are required to earn a minimum of 12 CPD points every year for their licence renewal. So, to achieve this, BCP is here with the best course that helps professional builders to acquire NSW CPD points online hassle-free. Our unique CPD delivery symmetry is the most functional, and we help builders to stay compliant. The module’s content is all updated per the builder’s requirement, and they can even use it in their real-life projects.

Why Choose Us To Gain NSW CPD Points Online?

As one of the leading CPD learning course providers, we have assisted many builders to grow in their field. Our courses are updated according to the latest industry requirement and meet all the required guidelines.

In fact, our interactive platform helps to minimise the pressure that builders frequently experience when obtaining their required CPD points. We strive to offer a convenient and economical way for builders to complete their CPD requirements at home. Also, our main focus is on the practical and technical part of the online CPD courses instead of just focusing on only the business side. Our mission is to ensure that every individual gets enough information to make learning more interesting. So, if you want to get the CPD point for a builder  course online in NSW, get associated with us today. Our team is available anytime to give 360-degree assistance.

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